Forget About Old Fashioned Braces—Invisalign Is The Way To Go

As an adult, it can often feel like the time for braces is well and truly past, even if you have dental problems that have only recently shown themselves. Dental health is a strange beast sometimes and while many people display the signs of poor teeth structure in their youth it can also only present itself later in life. Alternatively, many people simply did not have the resources when they were younger to get their teeth fixed. After all—braces cost a lot of money to get and maintain.

Whatever the reason, you are an adult now and looking to fix your pearly whites, which is great! Lucky for you there is a new master of teeth realignment that makes getting your teeth straightened easier and more innocuous for the duration of the treatment. 

Invisalign Braces

Still a relatively unknown treatment, Invisalign braces are really more similar to aligners that you can take in and out at your discretion. The process works by first getting your mouth scanned and having the aligners fitted out to your teeth. Then the Invisalign braces are delivered to you and you can wear them for as long as you need each day, although for best results it is advised to wear them at least 20+ hours a day. Every couple of weeks you will be given a new slightly refined set of Invisalign braces which, over time, will fix your teeth into the right position. As far as the actual process goes that is it.

What Is So Good About Invisalign?

Apart from being able to remove your Invisalign braces while eating (which you cannot do with regular braces), Invisalign braces are, as the name suggests, almost invisible to the naked eye when they are in use. That means there are no uncomfortable questions about braces and your dental health when out and about. Have the confidence to smile the whole way through your treatment while knowing your Invisalign braces are hard at work correcting your teeth.

Apart from being much more discrete and working just as well as regular braces, Invisalign braces do have some other advantages over their permanent competitors. Firstly Invisalign braces are much easier to clean as you can take them out and really rinse them off, which gets rid of the problem of bad breath that some braces users have. Invisalign braces are also much simpler to replace if they go missing or break. Also in worst-case scenarios, when your teeth hurt too much to continue treatment, you can stop using Invisalign braces at any point without a complicated procedure to remove them. 

If you want to learn more about Invisalign, contact local dental clinics.

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