The Best Way to Help Your Sporty Teen

You have informed your colleagues that you would take leave to accompany your teen as they participate in competitive sports. This shows you are raising a sporty teen you are proud to have. Every parent feels good when watching their children compete in sports, whether they are making a defensive play, scoring winning goals or warming the bench. You should help your teen have a bright smile as they play sports. Oral problems such as overcrowded teeth, bite issues or gaps between teeth shouldn't deprive your teen of self-confidence in any full-contact sports. Get your teen something like Invisalign with removable aligners to boost their self-confidence and enhance their smile as they play basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby or polo. See how Invisalign braces keep the sporting spirit of your teen high:

Increased Self-Confidence

Your sporty teen won't be a winner on the field if they don't feel like a winner already. The teen needs to celebrate and smile big after scoring as you and the fans cheer them. Your teen will confidently celebrate the score with their teammates if they have properly fitted aligners in their mouth. The treatment makes them forget they have some oral flaws to hide. The sporty teen will respond to the cheering fans with a big smile since Invisalign braces make these flaws invisible. The aligners give your sporty teen additional confidence to celebrate the victory with their teammates and fans when the game ends.

Avoid Expensive Injuries and Damage

Metal braces aren't good for your athletic teen since they can cause serious head injuries when your teen participates in high-impact sports. Wires or metal braces can pop out of place and cause severe injuries in the mouth. However, Invisalign trays fit properly over the gums and teeth. The snug fit they offer keeps the aligners intact. Blows, falls and other impacts don't damage the aligners or jostle them out of place. Some severe oral injuries require a surgical procedure to fix, but your teen can avoid these procedures by using aligners.

No Need for Mouthguards

Mouthguards aren't appropriate for athletes since they don't fit right with the metal braces. You would need to get a custom mouthguard for your teen from a dentist. This means spending more money buying the oral device and paying for the fitting procedure. Your teen would use several mouthguards throughout the sports season, and this means digging deep into your pocket. Luckily, you only need clear aligners to avoid such costs.

Invisalign helps your sporty teen to reposition and straighten their teeth as they participate in sports. This treatment beautifies their smile as they celebrate their victories with their peers. Go to a dentist with your teen so that they can get the right Invisalign braces that suit their sports career. A dentist can show your teen how to take care of the aligners.

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