Why Do Invisalign Teen Braces Have Blue Dots on Them?

Invisalign Teen braces work just the same as standard Invisalign aligners. They are simply designed slightly differently to compensate for issues with younger teeth. Each aligner tray also contains at least one blue dot on its plastic which isn't used on standard trays. What are these dots for?

What Do Invisalign Dots Do?

The blue dots on Invisalign Teen aligners are used as a wear indicator. When your child starts wearing a new aligner, the dot will be a bright blue.

As your child wears their aligners, the dot starts to fade. It turns a lighter shade and then, ultimately, disappears. The dot is roughly timed to fade away completely at the end of the time that the aligner needs to be worn.

How Do Invisalign Dots Help?

The fact that Invisalign braces are removable does give your child more control over their bracing treatment. While this has its advantages, it can also be a problem.  

For example, your child may start off wearing their aligners for the recommended number of hours a day but then may then become complacent. They may not keep their braces in as much as they need to for the treatment to work. The blue dot system helps track whether your child is doing the right thing or not. It may encourage them to wear their braces for the right amount of time because they know they will be caught out if they don't.

If your child goes for a check-up and to get new aligners, then your dentist can look at the ones they are wearing to see if the dot has gone. If it hasn't faded enough, then your dentist knows that your teen has been taking their aligners out too much.

As well as encouraging your teenager to wear their braces, the blue dot system helps your dentist control their treatment plan. For example, without a blue dot, your dentist may simply move your child on to the next set of aligners. The blue dot system tells them when aligners have been worn enough to do their job. So if the blue dot is still there, your dentist may make your child continue to wear their current braces so they can finish off the work they need to do. This prevents mistakes where your child is given new aligners too soon.

If you're worried about how your teenager will adapt to wearing Invisalign Teen, ask your dentist to talk to them about what the Invisalign treatment involves. They can tell your child exactly what they need to do to ensure that the braces work.

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