Choosing the Best Mouth Guard for Your Hockey-Playing Child

Hockey season is about to begin. This sport is a wonderful way for your child to get outdoors and enjoy fun exercise and fresh air with their teammates. As the parent of a child who has not played hockey before, you know that your child needs a good-quality mouth guard to protect their growing teeth. However, how do you chose the right mouth guard for them? Here are three tips to arm yourself with when you go mouth guard shopping this hockey season.

Thick Front Plate

The danger of playing field hockey comes from both the potential of being hit with a hockey stick and also the possibility of the small, hard ball firing up to smack your child in the face. Neither of these situations is going to have a positive outcome for your child's teeth. The best mouth guard for hockey is one which is thicker at the front of the mouth than on the sides. This thickness is designed to absorb any shock when a face strike happens, and that absorption could prevent lost teeth.

Custom-Made Mouth Guard

Visiting your child's dentist for them to be fitted for a custom-made mouth guard is the ultimate way to protect their teeth. While it is cheaper to buy boil-and-bite mouth guards at your local sports shop, these do not offer 100% protection because they are not custom moulded to ensure every crevice in your child's mouth is covered. Additionally, these mouth guards do not work well for children who wear braces. A custom-made mouth guard can take a couple of weeks to prepare, so you need to order this from your dentist now. The dentist will have your child bite onto a mould material. This mould is then sent to a dental lab where a mouth guard is tailor-made to fit the shape of your child's teeth.

Test Drive for Comfort

It is vitally important that your child's mouth guard is comfortable to wear during the duration of the hockey game. If it is uncomfortable, then you are going to face an uphill battle in getting them to wear it without protest. This is another reason to consider a custom-made mouth guard instead of an over-the-counter one. A custom-made mouth guard should feel like your child is wearing nothing at all because it is perfectly moulded to fit their teeth.

Make an appointment to see a dentist now so that you can get the mouth guard issue sorted before the first game day. Reach out to a dental practice, like UltraSmile*, for more information.

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